VCI | Membership

VCI Membership | Mechanism

Membership | Present Day | Beta Phase - VetConsensus provides access to the VCI Medicines Database ( in exchange for contribution.

  • Contribute: During the establishment of VCI, the only way to become a member of VCI is to contribute to this collaboration. Contribution will guarantee access to the VCI medicines database for at least 12 months following that contribution.

Membership | Future | Alpha Phase - After a future formal release, VetConsensus will provide access to its primary services for non-collaborating colleagues, at a charge, on an annual membership basis.

  • Clinical Colleagues:  Individual affordable access to colleagues in clinical practice.

  • The Scientific Community: Individual access through a modest annual membership fee.

  • Partner/Sponsor Organisations: Arranged access for members of organisations who partner with us in our work.

Your Institution | Access via third party organisations

  • Associations | Universities | Other Organisations Clinical colleagues may access some or all of the VCI Medicines Database via membership of an organisation or through affiliation with a university, association or other organisation. These are organisations which have agreed to either sponsor or partner with VCI.

  • Arranging Institutional Access  Contact your organisation and ask if they have considered an access arrangement VCI. If there is no existing sponsorship or partnership agreement, please request that your organisation communicate with VCI to negotiate one.

VCI Membership | Benefits

  • Recognition of Collaborator Status: Collaborators who make genuine contributions to a monograph are recorded in any monograph revision. You will be a publsihed collaborator and will own the Kudos associated with that. 

  • Access VCI Services: Collaborators gain indefinite access to the work of the Veterinary Consensus Initiative, including work under development.

  • CPD Hours:  You can record the time spent collaborating in evidence development in your CPD record. To confirm your CPD, please join a monograph study group and complete a review of the evidence and information displayed. Study group links are located below.

  • Safe Medicine Supply: Help is to ensure the information used by your colleagues is accurate, safe, and up to date.  We believe access to accurate, evidence-based information should be accessible and affordable for all clinical veterinary staff.

VCI Membership | Application

  • Email Us: To ensure continued access to our service during the development period, make sure you send us a contact email with your details and qualifications via the icon on the top right of every header box.

VCI Membership | Terms and Conditions

  • Inception Members: During our development period we have no specific terms and conditions, apart from our promise that anyone who has  contributed to our projects in good faith will be given suitable future membership status in return. If you have already collaborated then you will know who you are and what you deserve! 

  • Terms and Conditions: We will post formal Terms and Conditions when we have determined them at a future board meeting.